Quality Control is Our Number one Priority for All machine precision Machining Products

Custom Components & Assemblies, Company is in china machine committed to an operating philosophy that exceeds our customer’s expectations for quality, safety, cost, delivery and value. Our customer’s needs are paramount and represent the highest priority within our business. Our obligations are to proactively identify and define each customer’s needs while adhering to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements. Calibration and maintenance protocols are an integral part of our maintenance program for all precision machining equipment. These protocols are designed to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001.2015.

Customer Communication

In accordance with our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations, Custom Components & Assemblies, Inc. highlights effective customer communication as an essential element of delivering customer satisfaction.

Products and Services

The monitoring and measurement program for all precision machining products is defined in drawings and specifications, production routers, purchasing documents and in inspection and testing procedures.

Verification of Purchased Products

All purchased products are subjected to a visual inspection by the receiving inspector. Designated products are also subjected to a more detailed and technical quality control (QC) inspection.

In-Process Inspections

In-process inspections are in the form of first article inspections and operator inspections to ensure our quality and the on-time delivery of completed orders to our customers.

Final Acceptance Inspection

Finished machining machine parts products are subjected to the final QC inspection. First, inspectors verify that all specified and in-process inspections have been completed. Then they perform the remaining inspections and tests necessary to complete the evidence of product conformity. Results of all inspections and tests are recorded and only products

Fabrication and Welding Equipment

· Welding Units

· Carbon Steel WeldingStainless Steel WeldingHem Saw H101-1A

· Horizontal Saw

· Milling Machinne

· CNC Machine

· Forge Machine

· Metal Casting processing

Production Planning

· Production planning is under the direction of experienced Manufacturing Engineers.

· Detailed work orders which include purchasing requirements and full manufacturing and inspection process controls and documents are prepared and approved by both Engineering and Quality Control prior to production release.

· All materials are serialized and documented for full materials traceability.

· All completed goods are serialized and/or are batch traceable to all inspection documentation.

· Uniform Practices and Procedures

· Our employees participate in a program of strictly regulated written shop standards and procedures