Grinding Machine
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Grinding Machine

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The machine is a special machine in bearing factories and steel ball factories for lapping or finish lapping diameter 0.3mm-80 mm steel balls after hard grinding

(1). It can grind ball with all kinds of different shape.
(2). It can directly grind lathe processing plane and mill processing plane. Under the condition of available granularities, it can get the coarseness above Ra 0.022
(3). Grinding Ball Mill machine of the parts : the minimum diameter is 0.3 mm and maximum diameter can be 80 mm of the Ball grinding
(4). Ball material : POM ,PP ,PE ,Metal ,Stainless
(5). Round Ball Surface Funcation : Grinding Polishing
(6). It can grind different materials and different size at the same time.
(7). The machine has self-adjusting function.
(8). Low cost. It has a good price rate to the ground parts
(9). It can be easily adjusted, operated and maintained
(10). Grind plate is alloy materials
(11). Matching for ball (Casting , injection molding )processing

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Product Uses:Grinding Polishing Ball

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