Horizontal Press Machine
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Horizontal Cold Extrusion Press Machine

Horizontal cold extrusion press (also known as horizontal toggle extruder or horizontal metal extrusion machine) according to the principle of toggle and crank connecting rod, using multiple connecting rod structure, which integrates mechanism, electricity, gas, oil and other technical disciplines, through the multi-link extrusion machine structure system coordinated operation, convenient through multi-plate friction clutch device to realize brake sensitive..


1. Horizontal cold extrusion press compared with ordinary punch, significant advantages are extrusion forming product widely applicable;

2. Good precision, stable quality;

3. Working speed, high production efficiency;

4. Simple operation, high safety coefficient.


Cold extrusion of tubular, canned, bottled mild steel and non-ferrous metal products, are often used to fuel filter aluminum cans, aluminum capacitor shell, a fire extinguisher cylinder, toothpaste aluminum shell, water bottles, cell zinc tube, steel shell and cosmetics, medicines, such as chemical packing aluminum bottle, etc.

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