Sphere Valve Grinding Machine
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Sphere Valve Grinding Machine

GM Valve Grinding machine is among the fastest and most accurate valve grinding machines now available on the market, We are provide issuing its technical machine solutions as customer of valve ball. The centerless grinding system - that makes the valve rotate on its stem - ensures the perfect concentricity between the head and the stem and can operate a wide range of valve stem diameters without the need for replacing any collet or spindle.

The valve drive system is performed by three motorized rollers. The top roller is tilted to automatically drive the valve on an adjustable control switch. This guarantees to accurately control each valve's lenght and to avoid to manually feed the valve towards the grinding wheel.

· Grinding the ball the largest diameter (outside) mm φ200-Sφ600

· Grinding ball through hole diameter mm DN150-DN400

· Grinding ball through hole diameter (≈) 6 "-16"

· Working maximum load Kg 350 Electric

· Total power KW 4.4

· Main grinding head speed (frequency control) Rpm 10 a 125

· Spherical electric power KW 1.5 Head frame spindle speed (frequency control) Rpm 0,02 a 0,5

· Surface roughness Ra 0.2- 0.4

· Ball roundness mm 0.005-0.015

· Dimensions (length X width X height) 4100x1500x1250

· Machine net weight about 4000.KG

Product Description

YFJ-QT type ball grinding machine is divided into single head and double head. The grinding machine is designed for slow rotation of the ball and rapid rotation of the grinding disc. The grinding head has adjustable eccentric distance and advanced technology. According to the process requirements of the grinding ball, choose the appropriate abrasive, use the cast iron disc to grind the sphere or the ball and the valve seat to float, so that the ellipticity, surface roughness and the degree of coincidence of the sphere can meet the process requirements of the hard seal ball valve.

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