Punching Machine
Type:JH21, J23 series
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Punching Machine

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1.JH21, J23 series presses is one of the new generation of plate process and developed. The press is for cutting, punching, blanking, bending and light stretching work.

2. Welded steel plates for machine body, removed of inner stress and high in rigidit.

3. Crankshaft arranged in longitudinal direction, simple in structure and convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

4. Crack-down type protective device to prevent damage of the machine tool due to overload.

5. Combined type pneumatic friction clutch-brake, steady engagement and low noise level.

6. PLC control for electrical section, safety duplex valve for air passages, flexible in movement, safe and reliable with options of single operation, inching and continuous operation, conforming to the safety standard for stamping machines.

7. Slide blocks fitted with pneumatic balance device for 80T and plus to enhance stability and precision in operation.

8. Optional automatic feeding air cushion device, photoelectric protection device, etc.

9. Optional device: automatic feeding device,, electric protective device, photoelectric protection device and air cushion device, etc.

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